307 Commits (master)

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  Leonie 1549763510 Version check only for Android 4 days ago
  Leonie 64a3715a1a Fixed some bugs 4 days ago
  Leonie 1886e5d9f5 Bump 1.8.8 4 days ago
  Leonie d6b2e1fb55 Fixed player styling issues 1 week ago
  Leonie d7bb4580c1 Can we get smaller? YES WE CAN 1 week ago
  Leonie 29400b12b0 Fixed random bullcrap being printed to console 2 weeks ago
  Leonie d27ada1705 Change intro logo size 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 9cee7b8b86 Bump 1.8.7 2 weeks ago
  Leonie b74f25c2f6 Bump 1.8.6 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 02663b0f52 Allow backend registrations 2 weeks ago
  Leonie b42673395c Fix errors with shownotes 2 weeks ago
  Leonie f8ce5ebb14 Fix Android notifications 2 weeks ago
  Leonie a381e03f67 Only load custom section once 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 6a876d079d Change custom section endpoint in admin panel 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 71b372f664 Section custom is more important 2 weeks ago
  Leonie ef745397c0 Change API endpoint 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 251d4ce387 Fixed admin endpoints 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 4ae536cebd Add admin code, bump 1.8.4 and add custom sections 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 8c2e476740 Fixed a couple of bugs 2 weeks ago
  Leonie af197746ef Happy new year! 2 weeks ago
  Leonie c74030df75 Bump 1.8.2 2 weeks ago
  Leonie b815bad4e1 Remove more secret stuff 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 8039f26e5c Secret isn't needed for lastplayed 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 855f922ce7 Reset backend to default 2 weeks ago
  Leonie b0eb4c02a0 Allow setting lastplayed from backend 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 3a5bfa7676 Fixed statusbar on signup.js 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 09f5319612 Fixed offline message being displayed wrong 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 1b3347d1f0 Implement version check 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 6c8892c13e Hide bigscreen in other views 2 weeks ago
  Leonie ad8d561b01 Hopefully fixed some bugs in offline mode and added big screen 2 weeks ago
  Leonie 2960701ebb Allow plclose and add missing files 2 weeks ago
  Leonie f9386c1a83 Bump 1.7.9 2 weeks ago
  Leonie bda4bc270e Pointer for desktop in links 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 742b051953 Fix iOS skip buttons 3 weeks ago
  Leonie b68b22ad16 Looks like we reached a limit with our podlist 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 3b33a5f262 Bump 1.7.8 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 788f9e7343 Fixed some more shit 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 61ef889a71 Fixed issue with player not saving time 3 weeks ago
  Leonie a6de76de20 Okay, use extensions again 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 1dde8b9be7 Allow ovewrites and use existing variable 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 73d4ad17b7 Maybe filename doesn't need an extension 3 weeks ago
  Leonie e69dfb1023 Remove file if exists 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 126978b25e Extensions are having dots 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 21646754b8 Allow uploading files 3 weeks ago
  Leonie a58555b310 Add admin actions to backend 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 9515e8ac32 Remove legacy code 3 weeks ago
  Leonie b7ec21c20d Remove background audio 3 weeks ago
  Leonie fc29a36c19 Bump 1.7.6 3 weeks ago
  Leonie e7edfc01b1 Bump 1.7.5 3 weeks ago
  Leonie b4e7f27b18 Allow background audio 3 weeks ago