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  Leonie 7127de3bee Where the fuck are my pants 4 days ago
  Leonie 194ae1c95f Donators edition free for all! 4 days ago
  Leonie e6b5e1587c Fixed view 5 days ago
  Leonie 4b40ab47d1 Remove debug code 5 days ago
  Leonie f9873640d9 Release 1.4.5 5 days ago
  Leonie 76d9a8a58d Switched to yarn, removed unused dependencies and upgrade packages 5 days ago
  Leonie 0453395882 Made download feature less useless 2 months ago
  Leonie a77510b533 Implemented WIP download button 2 months ago
  Leonie eaa96dddbc Fixed an issue with no items in podlist 3 months ago
  Leonie 7c575cb4ef Bump 1.4.4 3 months ago
  Leonie 7af7bf6aad Some bugfixes 3 months ago
  Leonie e1d929a42e Fix builds 3 months ago
  Leonie fbc66b86ce Fixed feed feature 3 months ago
  Leonie 756a09fc36 Bump 1.4.2 4 months ago
  Leonie dab01e7f2e Donators-only feature: Adding feeds manually 4 months ago
  Leonie a976f56b60 Fixed darkmode on logout 4 months ago
  Leonie bbf4c644ea Fixed dark mode and back button 4 months ago
  Leonie 4129361af3 Fixed some bugs 4 months ago
  Leonie f3e1b853cc Bump 1.4.0 4 months ago
  Leonie 0e5cd56abf More aggressive offline detection 4 months ago
  Leonie 4a21681731 Don't always show login form 4 months ago
  Leonie 48e3045b77 Added offline functionality 4 months ago
  Leonie 740085309f Added loading mechanism 4 months ago
  Leonie 32393565ac Bump 1.3.9 4 months ago
  Leonie aa402ba026 Better player sizing 4 months ago
  Leonie 13ae260d90 Fixed player dark mode 4 months ago
  Leonie 4d7019a23e Add darkmode to gradient 4 months ago
  Leonie 7d044902a0 Prevent when function is done 4 months ago
  Leonie 839341fc68 Moved back button event handler to main method 4 months ago
  Leonie d58a10e37b Dark mode in loading screen and back button functionality 4 months ago
  Leonie b3914b13da Add assets 4 months ago
  Leonie c2490b0166 Bump 1.3.8 4 months ago
  Leonie 6fef3f4818 Fixed weirdly formatted feeds soft-crashing the app 4 months ago
  Leonie 87f544e28b Bump 1.3.7 4 months ago
  Leonie 5557fa8698 Fixed lower-case on Gab block 4 months ago
  Leonie 04064d8270 Fixed bug which didn't allow editing profile from other instances 4 months ago
  Leonie 4b62902065 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.koyu.space/koyu/nordcast 4 months ago
  Leonie c541509e4a Add iOS support 4 months ago
  Leonie c93ba3993d Bump 1.3.6 4 months ago
  Leonie 107060d3b8 Changed favicon 4 months ago
  Leonie 0ff86f54b5 Add Mastodon support 4 months ago
  Leonie 068210ab99 Allowing direct access to the app 4 months ago
  Leonie 97e4e0eab5 Caching takes too long on feed 4 months ago
  Leonie 47443ea24e No results error handling 4 months ago
  Leonie 81027c5ffe Bump 1.3.5 4 months ago
  Leonie b143c0bcb8 Committing a debug build to see if this shit is actually working 4 months ago
  Leonie 90df7411e5 Make video podcasts unavailable and remove line endings 4 months ago
  Leonie 70ce8b9e64 Fixed shownotes 4 months ago
  Leonie f9c97bb808 Bump 1.3.4 4 months ago
  Leonie c4b170e8be Fixed player not playing some specific files 4 months ago