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  Leonie e639405e20 Some updates here and there 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 8f60bbf9e3 Add app store links 3 weeks ago
  Leonie 2e8142606f Add documentation, fixed some bugs, tweaked design and added VSCode functionality 3 weeks ago
  Leonie e3410880ba Add slow-mo function again 1 month ago
  Leonie 1aada542cf Bump 2.0.0 1 month ago
  Leonie 89bb6e120c Add startup sound 1 month ago
  Leonie 12213d8f5a Move reload media notification 1 month ago
  Leonie 34f032ab82 Disable portrait mode in Android 1 month ago
  Leonie 20918c8b37 Use socialsharing 5.4.0 1 month ago
  Leonie c521909aeb Attempt to fix media controls 1 month ago
  Leonie 3c735ca58e Fixed phonegap build 1 month ago
  Leonie 748cb8ef2f Add missing preference 1 month ago
  Leonie d9bb54704c Removed fullscreen button and incorperated it into the player 1 month ago
  Leonie 58b1ceacdb Implement video podcasts and fullscreen mode 1 month ago
  Leonie 595d7f657d Player fixes 1 month ago
  Leonie 93ff7048a0 Updated admin code 1 month ago
  Leonie 76acb2a2cb Darkmode for website and new switch buttons 1 month ago
  Leonie 879cdedc82 Security fixes 1 month ago
  Leonie a301cb49a8 Fix another bug in the settings view 1 month ago
  Leonie feaf2f740d Fixed profile pictures in offline mode 1 month ago
  Leonie 4ea1928b08 Bump 1.9.1 1 month ago
  Leonie 4ca7691711 Bump 1.9.0 1 month ago
  Leonie 910ae45c5e Migitate XSS attack through specially crafted RSS feed 2 months ago
  Leonie 2040dae90d Fixed some bugs 2 months ago
  Leonie a66e96dda4 Fix admin code 2 months ago
  Leonie d49524006c Bump 1.8.9 2 months ago
  Leonie b05ee5a6d7 Fix for empty notifications 2 months ago
  Leonie b3f0af4c55 More inbox fixes 2 months ago
  Leonie 1d2f217c0e Fixed notification unreads 2 months ago
  Leonie ee6add5d01 Change how notifications behave and documented device blacklist 2 months ago
  Leonie 961e2c7ae9 Add notifications 2 months ago
  Leonie faf9754c41 This seems pretty much okay 2 months ago
  Leonie 6fcd722531 Fixed some weird player bugs 2 months ago
  Leonie 1549763510 Version check only for Android 2 months ago
  Leonie 64a3715a1a Fixed some bugs 2 months ago
  Leonie 1886e5d9f5 Bump 1.8.8 2 months ago
  Leonie d6b2e1fb55 Fixed player styling issues 2 months ago
  Leonie d7bb4580c1 Can we get smaller? YES WE CAN 2 months ago
  Leonie 29400b12b0 Fixed random bullcrap being printed to console 2 months ago
  Leonie d27ada1705 Change intro logo size 2 months ago
  Leonie 9cee7b8b86 Bump 1.8.7 2 months ago
  Leonie b74f25c2f6 Bump 1.8.6 3 months ago
  Leonie 02663b0f52 Allow backend registrations 3 months ago
  Leonie b42673395c Fix errors with shownotes 3 months ago
  Leonie f8ce5ebb14 Fix Android notifications 3 months ago
  Leonie a381e03f67 Only load custom section once 3 months ago
  Leonie 6a876d079d Change custom section endpoint in admin panel 3 months ago
  Leonie 71b372f664 Section custom is more important 3 months ago
  Leonie ef745397c0 Change API endpoint 3 months ago
  Leonie 251d4ce387 Fixed admin endpoints 3 months ago