Nordcast is a podcast streaming app by
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Nordcast is a podcast streaming app by



  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Code extension for Cordova
  • NodeJS with NPM (Installation through nvm recommended)
  • Phonegap and Cordova
  • Optional: Android or iOS SDK
  • Optional: Python 3 with PIP for the backend

Building the app

Open the repository in Visual Studio Code and click the debugger on the left ribbon. From there you can choose many ways to run the app. If the simulator errors just continue, it may print errors into the console, but these are mostly gone in production builds. The app should behave quite well though.

Using a local backend

Install the prerequisites for Python 3 with sudo pip install -r requirements.txt and then run the backend with DEBUG=true python3 After that modify the www/config.js file and change the backend variable to your local backend. Usually this is http://localhost:9000. If you want to debug remotely replace localhost with your local IP address. Remotely debugging in the same network as your testing device is recommended and sufficient.

Admin backend

If you need a graphical admin backend please have a look at the admin.html file in this repository. The default admin key is x and we recommend it to change to prevent unauthorized admin access by setting an environment variable called ADMINKEY when running the backend server.


Please have a look at the file. Nordcast is licensed under GPLv3.

Help and Support

If you found a bug open an issue ticket. If you need help or found a critical security vulnerability, do not use public channels like the issue ticket function and instead contact support at [email protected].