Saucebot is a Discord music bot by It's a fork, that keeps all the good parts when the original bot was good.
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Saucebot is the original Discord music bot written for Python 3.5+, using the library. It plays requested songs, from YouTube and other services, into a Discord server (or multiple servers) and if the queue becomes empty it will play through a list of existing songs, if configured to do so. The bot features a permissions system allowing owners to restrict commands to certain people. As well as playing songs, Saucebot is capable of streaming live media into a voice channel (experimental).



Setting up the Saucebot is relatively painless - just follow one of the guides we have created for you. After that, you can begin to configure your bot to ensure that it can connect to Discord.

The main configuration file is config/options.ini, but is not included. Simply make a copy of example_options.ini and rename to options.ini. See example_options.ini for more information on how to configure it.


There are many commands that can be used with the bot. Most notably, the play <url> command (preceded by your command prefix) will download, process, and play a song from YouTube or a similar site. A full list of commands are available here.