WhatsBroadcast for WordPress
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WhatsPress is an awesome WordPress plugin for using WhatsBroadcast on your WordPress installation.

A continuation of Whatsservice - Share to WhatsApp, whose API was deprecated some time ago.


Just enter an API key you get from WhatsBroadcast and you’re ready to go. After successful activation every post you publish from now on will be visible in WhatsBroadcast.

Warning: You should check your posts before you publish, because published on WordPress is instantly published on WhatsBroadcast. I hadn’t tested scheduled posts with WhatsPress, but they might work as well.

Support this project

Contribute right here on GitHub.

Support me

There are three different ways to support me:

  • Donating via PayPal
  • Spending money on my artwork and decorate your room with it (or not)
  • and for buying Yggdrasil on itch.io

Have fun and stay proud :)