Leonie koyu

Matrix registration form for koyu.space without reCAPTCHA and just koyu.space logins.

Updated 2 weeks ago

koyu.space Desktop app

Updated 3 weeks ago

Command-line tool to generate confirmation codes for koyu.space

Updated 2 months ago

Project Extasia - Habbo-like fediverse client

Updated 2 months ago

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A simple download tool in C#

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 2 months ago

Command-line tool to automatically detect and post a #nowplaying toot on Mastodon.

Updated 3 months ago

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Updated 1 month ago

Updated 4 months ago

Nordcast is a podcast streaming app by koyu.space

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 8 months ago

This repository contains all licenses which are used on koyu.space projects and future ones.

Updated 11 months ago

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Personal blog of koyu

Updated 10 months ago